deconstruction: THE UNSEEN

PERCEPTIONS, is that all?

“The Seen & The Unseen” podcast

but what about the metadata ?

hmm not for physical things. there are things we choose to see/not see (?)

no, there is hidden information.

There’s always more than surface perception...

Perception is individual, based on past experiences

I think of it as layers; so there are seen layers and hidden (like hidden files and ones that are visible)
What tools can we use to help us percieve? we are able to percieve more and more as time goes on.

This is a program written in Piet by Daniel Holden, which prints a Haiku.

Read full article: Making Poetry in Piet


I think about different ‘messages’ in different mediums what changes/what stays the same e.g. translating across languages, now translating between text/image/sound via code... what structures this message so that it can remain similar between translations? idk!

keys, values, bits

some schema

2D viualization of .bmp file using VELES


man-made stuff

3D visualization of polyglot file using VELES

states: either particles or waves probabilities, odds with degrees of noise based on uncertainty. It’s temporal-spatial (particularly for quantum) to us, perception may be all. But not in the absolute ques in my mind: are we a perception :)

I love the frequencies part of the first session, so i assume most data, specifically in music and files, can be represented as waves.


  • corrupted

  • “current”, we only really keep the current state. How we got there is lost.

  • obsolescence

  • degradation

  • undreadable

  • undecodable

  • bit rot/data rot

  • low/high-resolution

  • Versioning

  • open and closed

  • off and on

  • zipped

  • compressed

  • superposition -> existing both as one thing and something else : schrodinger<3