comprehension: FILE FORMATS


  • mapping of data to bits

  • a way to organize information on a computer

  • a schema

  • an agreement

  • a ratified mode of interpretation

  • a use case

  • A ‘digital material’ for communicating data

  • presentation of data

  • structure of a file

  • standard for encoding a file for the computer

  • an intermediate interface between a producer and a consumer

  • parser for data

  • a key that points at instructions

  • a container for the particles ; a vessel

Thinking of files

colorspace editing files metadata for larger datasets movies compressed into glass movies genomic data files books a in library point-cloud data spectrograms personal archives screenshots expired project files from old projects made with obsolete versions of apps flash jpgs mp3 physical files paper photos xml Shapefiles GeoJSON GeoTIFF Geotagged social media geodatabases 2D/3D points lines & polygons biiiiiIIIIIG data my downloads folder text image sound sensor data PDFs text scripts xmls csvs images videos edls txt photos videos mp3s pdfs compressed folders downloads fonts graphs of text files

How do we identify them?

where they resides

With filesystems, using a system command, inodes, and hoping there is a “unique” non-colliding identifier the domain to codomain. It has a place on the desktop. And keyboard with help with command-I

or by passport

May have name and location.May have metadata, file naming conventions, contents, metadata, filename, location, creator(?), modifier(?). Or even hash, over time across edits.By file extension? Or with a URL

what we perceive

By lookin’ at them ditto By watching the screen by pointing-and-clicking on the GUI machine

Our technology/software decides how we identify the files & mind

Our memory or knowledge of the file

Our expectations about what we can do with it.


png tiff,pdf usd .txt :~) & .html!<3 yes pdf .html .pptx is really underrated <–My favorite image editing software... not really; I hate all of them (I used to work in film) Wampum belts? <3 not a file but i like folders folders can be files too! .hs




to exploring layers of JPEG compression algorithm

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