reconstruction: NEW STATE


I think it’s cool to make data out of more data


do we need more matter

or do we just need to transform the matter we already have?

ooooh it’s like

same matter more compute / energy? but also maybe not cuz we also need space is needing space also needing matter

thinking about allocating space for matter


  • pedals/filters for analog instruments

  • DAW (ableton, etc)

  • flipping a bit with a stray particle is fun

  • decay over time

  • melting

  • evaporating

  • crushing

  • decomposing

  • combination

  • flattening

  • adding randomness or noise

symbols, text and visuals

concrete poetry maybe ascii artkaomojis HEX code colours? html can “deep fried” memes <3<3 yes all of film/art/ photography school lol<- +1 script to screen!<3 that Gesture Brain F**k project projection mapping shot list in filmmaking -> storyboarding als0

robot stuff -> eg ludobots type stuff where you can type a word to make a robot do something, crowdsourcing to get robot to move in a simulation, also in architecture Geocoding: Turning latitude/longitude coordinates into points on a map